Here's an exclusive Q&A session that MUTV had with Paul Scholes just before his testimonial game. He talks about being a Red Devil and looks back over his awesome Old Trafford career.

How much pressure was on you to deliver when you made your United debut against Port Vale in 1994?

It was brilliant to make my debut. It was something that you wanted to do when you were a young lad going through the 'A' and 'B' teams, as well as the Reserves, and I was lucky enough to get my chance, and on that night I managed to take it. There wasn't really much pressure because there were probably eight or nine of us in the team that day. I think Brian McClair was the only senior player who played so there was a little bit of pressure on all of us and we were probably all nervous, but coming in together like we did I don't think it was as bad as it could have been.

What was sweeter: winning your first title or beating Liverpool in the cup final?

I would probably say winning the league because it was my first one. It's also something that shows you are the best team in England, when you've managed to go through the year and you're top of the league. It was probably beyond my wildest dreams ever to play for a club like United so to go on and win trophies and win a title was amazing.

What do you recall of your goal against Inter Milan in the 1999 Champions League quarter-final and playing at the San Siro?

I'd only been on for maybe five or 10 minutes and I think I kicked it with my heel past the keeper. It was a great occasion and a great achievement to get through. They were an amazing team and they had Ronaldo too. They gave us a torrid time for 45 minutes, so to come through that was a great achievement really. It was great to play at the San Siro. It's just a massive stadium that's known all over the world and you only dream of going to places like that. To be lucky enough to play in it was great and to score as well was brilliant.

Would you say your volley at Aston Villa (league, 2006) was your best goal?

Yes it was probably my best and probably the most difficult because the ball went high up in the air, so it had to come down and I volleyed it. It was just sweeter (than the rest). I caught it perfectly. I didn’t try and absolutely smash it, but it went in quickly and it was just the perfect goal.

What about the one against Barcelona in the 2008 Champions League semis?

That was one I didn't catch quite cleanly. It seems to slice off my right foot and as soon as I hit it I felt it was in because the keeper seemed to go the other way and there was a massive gap there. It helped us get through to the Champions League final against Chelsea.

Fans love playing against Man City, but are Liverpool still our biggest rivals?

They are because of the championships they've won, the history of their club. I think they will be (our biggest rivals) for a while, but I think City will be pushing them close soon. They won the FA Cup last year so they'll be looking to kick on from there and spend more money, whether or not they'll have the history of Liverpool I’m not sure. As far as local rivals go then it's quite difficult to choose between them two for now.

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