Roy Keane who left Manchester United in 2005 admits his axing by Sir Alex still hurts him. He went on to say that his relationship with his manager had broken down as a result of which he was shown the exit door at Old Trafford.

He said, “I went in at 9 and by ten past nine I was out. That really hurt me."

Many thought he and Fergie enjoyed the best manager-captain bond. Some even took this solid bonding way too far by saying wrong things.

Roy clarified that by saying, “People misunderstood my relationship with the manager. They think I met him every morning for tea. It wasn't like that. He knew exactly what he wanted of me, and I knew it. He didn't have to say anything. That's why he got me, and when he made me captain, it was an honour for me to be captain of the greatest club in the world.”


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