After Sunday's comfortable victory over Aston Villa, Sir Alex has has encouraged his players to keep enjoying themselves (on the football pitch, of course) till the end of the season.

Sir Alex expressed his pleasure over the victory and told MUTV,
It was a good result. We were careless at times but, at the end of the day, there was some terrific football and some good goals. I'm very satisfied.

There could be twists and turns yet. I think the name of the game now is for us to enjoy ourselves and play with expression, like we did today. Hopefully we'll be alright. You can never be too confident in this game of football. My experience tells me there's always something can bite you on the bum but hopefully we can avoid that and not drop any more points.

With just four more games to go and a five-point advantage over City, I think Sir Alex has got one hand on his 20th Premier League title.

I really don't see Manchester United losing their way in the last four weeks, which is why Sir Alex is right to advise his players to simply enjoy their football and in four weeks they'll enjoy their title victory.


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